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 Post subject: Is this Node dead?
PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 3:34 pm 

Joined: Wed Apr 03, 2019 11:27 am
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Hi All,

I had a v400 that was without power for a few weeks. Just tried to start it up and saw this when connected to the node via serial:

NEMOE attention due to CPU dead: enter ^N^E^M^O^E to exit.
FW enabling BBU AC monitoring
BBU is monitoring AC

Battery capacity reduced to 32K Joules due to 17 days without charge.
BBU fully available.
S1 inodeg6234 NEMOE (CHIPSET FAILURE) ->
FW enabling BBU PS0 AC monitor
FW enabling BBU PS1 AC monitor
BBU is monitoring PS0 AC; is monitoring PS1 AC
S1 inodeg6234 NEMOE (CHIPSET FAILURE) ->
FPGA NSR4 [ff] ^ [0a] = [f5]: Change CPU1_IERR_L=0 CPU0_IERR_L=0
Initiating node failure analysis due to CPU IERR

Beginning node failure analysis at 2019-05-17 12:25:31
contents.bin 88 bytes at eflash 0x80000
fpga.txt 5928 bytes at eflash 0x80400
pci.txt 2448 bytes at eflash 0x81e00
console.txt 8192 bytes at eflash 0x82a00
watchdog.txt 634 bytes at eflash 0x84c00
node_env.txt 3636 bytes at eflash 0x85200
event_log.txt 222 bytes at eflash 0x86400
power_log.txt 11665 bytes at eflash 0x86800
prom_log.txt 875 bytes at eflash 0x89800
bat_log.txt 1850 bytes at eflash 0x89e00
hw_log.txt 726 bytes at eflash 0x8a800
shownode.txt 2004 bytes at eflash 0x8ae00
stats.txt 9058 bytes at eflash 0x8b800
nemoe_console.txt 64512 bytes at eflash 0x8de00
TOTAL 123904 bytes
S1 inodeg6234 NEMOE (CHIPSET FAILURE) ->
S1 inodeg6234 NEMOE (CHIPSET FAILURE) ->
Heartbeat loss from BIOS
S1 inodeg6234 NEMOE (CHIPSET FAILURE) ->
Resetting unresponsive node CPU.
Reset main CPU using RSTCPU

Does this mean one of the CPU's on the node is toast or should I just replace the whole node?

Your insight is greatly appreciative.



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