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Cross Protocol File Persona Share Access
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Author:  JustATechGuy [ Tue Jul 19, 2022 11:13 am ]
Post subject:  Cross Protocol File Persona Share Access

I have a 3PAR setup for FilePersona shares.

The File Store is currently setup as NTFS and I have 5 folders shared out as NFS/SMB and they are working perfectly fine. The only two issues the users are reporting is when on a Linux machine they cannot access the shares when they are logged into the Linux box as the root user. They want to be able to access files and make changes on the permissions BUT on an NTFS File Store root squashing is turned on and cannot be turned off. The second issue is the users want to be able to change permissions on the shares from Linux machines in general but again...NTFS File Store does not allow permission changing from Linux clients. So I can read and write from Linux and Windows but I can only edit permissions from Windows. Setting up a File Store as Legacy mode will allow me to do everything I want but was told that is not a good option as it can have data corruption consequences.

Support is looking into this and trying to find a work around but does anyone else use File Persona in a cross protocol way and have the same issue? Well it is not an issue per say as it is working the way it should but it is not working the way the user wants...

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