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 Post subject: Do domains in a 3PAR get their own allocation of volume IDs
PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 9:10 pm 

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Just trying out VVols on an 8200, seems to work ok, nice and fast provisioning and snapshots work far better than what VMware implements.

One niggle though ... when vCentre creates a new volume on the array the array just grabs the next free volume ID, which is going to mess up my planning spreadsheet :-)
My spreadsheet lets us pre-plan storage allocations and the volume ID is defined in the createvv command (so we can give the WWNs to the unix admins so they can pre-plan their work)

Anyway to restrict vCentre to use a range of volume IDs ? Or if I create a domain on the array and use that for the VMware hosts will the volume IDs in another domain start their volume IDs from a certain number range ?

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 Post subject: Re: Do domains in a 3PAR get their own allocation of volume
PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 4:33 am 

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The simple answer is probably no.

As people often seem to mean different things when they mention ID numbers in 3PAR I'll cover the ones I know. :)

The 3PAR Virtual Volume ID number (as in the general section of SSMC VV properties, called "ID") is a unique ID for the VV and is system wide, so unique across domains so VVs can be moved between domains without issues. You can specify this on creation but can't change it after and if you don't specify it the array will just pick the next available.

The 3PAR VV VLUN ID number is the SCSI LUN ID of an export, again can be defined when VV is exported or will use the next available for that specific host.

The UDID number is something I think only used on VMS UNIX systems, by default 3PAR creates this to match the VV ID number so either specified or next available. However this can be changed to not equal the VV ID at a later date if required.

The VV WWN number should be world unique and again is manual or auto on VV creation but can be changed after, typically best not to manually touch this unless you are trying to make it match an existing VV on another system or one that was deleted on the current array.

Alas none of the nice auto features regarding volume creation/export tend to have any rules to define preferred ranges for VV ID, VLUN ID or UDID etc so if you do need to follow local policies you are pretty much stuck with doing it all manually (we have rules regarding VLUN ID which has prevented me from allowing 3PAR to pick them automatically for years and means I have to go look up stuff before doing every new export :roll: ).

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