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HP 3PAR PowerShell Toolkit
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Author:  hdtvguy [ Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HP 3PAR PowerShell Toolkit

nsnidanko wrote:
Steve415 wrote:
Wow, this is disappointing and I'm glad I read this post before I started diving into the Toolkit.

Would it be better to try using PowerShell to make REST calls against the web services API? Or just stick with more conventional means of scripting against the 3PAR arrays, like the 3PAR CLI?

I'm about to start writing my first scripts for 3PAR and it's difficult to pick a place to start...

I've looked at powershell toolkit and it is a joke. If you're running pretty recent firmware (such as 3.2.1), i suggest looking at WSAPI. They keep adding new functionality with each firmware release.
I think HP should build Powershell wrapper modules around WSAPI.

That would be great since I am not very good at WSAPI and I would have thought that's what they would do. The Powershell toolkit is a joke. I understand HPE is putting a lot of effort into 3par development and none of it is easy, the numbers of people I have heard dedicated to 3par is mind boggling, but in the the there are still huge gaps in the offerings. There are times I wonder if the road to SSMC is worth it, I find very few people that prefer it over the IMC. Maybe if they had rewritten the IMC to be a bit more scaable and user friendly.

Author:  kk2491 [ Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: HP 3PAR PowerShell Toolkit


3PAR Powershell toolkit doesnt have much functionality..

There are only few commands ... Moreover I could not find a command to do the Daily health check.... I dont see anything that we can automate using powershell toolkit except some text format...

Can anybody please give me more details on WSAPI ..

Is there any Python or Perl module available for 3PAR automation..


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